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The Granary, 3 Palace Mill, ChudleighTQ13 0JJ

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Our Publications

Deception! is the latest novel from Kate McCormick, who writes under her maiden name as Elizabeth Ducie. It is the second in a series of thrillers set in the sometimes murky world of international pharmaceuticals. Set in Brazil and Southern Africa, it re-introduces regulator Suzanne Jones and her sister, Charlie, investigating problems with a new health drink while also continuing their quest to bring down arch counterfeiter, Michael Hawkins.For details consult our website

Counterfeit! is the second novel from Elizabeth Ducie. It is the first in a series of thrillers set in the sometimes murky world of international pharmaceuticals. Based in Southern Africa, it introduces regulator Suzanne Jones whose campaign to stamp out counterfeiting in Africa has just got personal; but her investigations bring danger ever closer to her friends and family. For details consult our website

Gorgito's Ice Rink is the debut novel from Elizabeth Ducie. It is a tale of love, loss and broken promises. Bureaucracy, corruption and the harsh climate are just some of the barriers Gorgito Tabatadze faces in his quest to build a championship ice-rink in post-Soviet Russia. On the surface, he is helping a distraught young boy whose sister has moved to America to train. But inside, he is motivated by memories of another lost sister and a promise to his mother which he was unable to fulfil. This book is available as an ebook or in print. For details consult our website

The Business of Writing is a series of books written by Elizabeth Ducie about business skills for authors. Most authors are more interested in writing than in administration and the purpose of this series is to provide them with the basic minimum requirements for operating the simple systems appropriate for a small business like writing. This book is available as a series of ebooks or in print. For details consult our website

Parcels in the Rain and Other Writing is a mix of short stories, travel writing and childhood memories byElizabeth Ducie. It was first published as an ebook in April 2013, following a month-long writing challenge. It is now available in print too. For details consult our website

Life is Not a Trifling Affair is a collection of short stories by Elizabeth Ducie and Sharon Cook. It was published in July 2011 and launched at the Chudfest Literary Festival. It is available as a paperback and as an ebook for Kindle and PC. For details consult our website

Life is Not a Bed of Roses is the second collection of short stories by the same two authors. It was published in November 2012 and launched at the Chudleigh Christmas Book Fair. It is also available as a paperback or an ebook. For details consult our website

Both the Life is Not... collections feature a mix of moods, a diverse group of characters and a variety of writing styles. Each story is just a few pages long and they are perfect for readers who are short of time. Ideal for a coffee break, a bus ride or reading in bed at the end of a long day.

Sunshine and Sausages is an invaluable guide to summer entertaining. Calling on more than twenty years experience in running successful garden parties and barbeques for friends and family, Elizabeth Ducie has brought together her lessons learned and planning tips in this little how-to book. It's your party too - you are allowed to enjoy it! For details consult our website

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Chudleigh Phoenix Community Magazine

Chudleigh Phoenix is a community newsletter written by and for the people of Chudleigh. It is published on 15th of each month and distributed electronically to a growing number of readers. Thanks to the lovely people at Chudleigh Town Hall, a small number of paper copies are also produced. These are snapped up very quickly. The latest issue plus back copies can be read via the Chudleigh Phoenix website

In January 2013, we fulfilled a longstanding ambition to publish one issue as a paper version which was delivered, free of charge, to every house in town. We'd love to do this every month, but finances don't permit that and there are no plans to repeat the exercise at the moment.

Since, even in Chudleigh, the news changes more frequently than once a month, we have a Facebook Page which we can use to publicise things at short-notice.


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