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Sugar Mill

7 Fore Street, Chudleigh, Devon TQ13 0HX



Sugar Mill is the latest addition to the Chudleigh street scene. Set up to be open in time for the Chudleigh " Christmas Fayre” 2011, it has proved to be a success from the start.
Cathryn Lucas the owner, wants everyone to be able to select sweets and chocolates from a wide range and at affordable prices. Here you are able to select from a wide choice of original sweets and chocolates, mix them from a variety, and find a price to suit most pockets.
Mums,Dads, Grandma's and Granddads all love the nostalgic look and layout of the shop with its traditional jars and fittings. Frequently Cathryn hears the comment, “this is what it used to be like in my day”, when the former are addressing their young charges. Regrettably the prices have changed somewhat but the choice of original flavours have been retained.
Week on week the selection increases, as someone will often ask," can you get, such and such a flavour?" and will, providing there are enough requests, endeavour to track it down.
As well as the sweets and chocolates, Cathryn stocks Langage Farm ice cream, in hers, any many others opinions, probably one of the best ,if not the best, local ice cream.
Available in many flavours, it is available in the traditional scoop and waffle cone ,or individual tubs. Recently, due to requests, Cathryn has started to stock a range of individual and family sized tubs, great for a treat at home.
For those who are contemplating getting married and looking for colourful and unusual wedding favours or table decorations, come and chat to Cathryn. For those busy Mums and Dads, Cathryn can also put together colourful Party bags………….and for the not so young, she has put together traditional jars full of retro sweets from the 70's and 80's as an unusual birthday present.


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